Project Description

Jacob – Age 11

Jacob is a friendly and active child who is full of energy. He loves to spend time with other children. He really enjoys working on puzzles that have a large number of small pieces, and building things with LEGOs. He’s quite good building and putting things together.. He also enjoys going on outings that require a good level of energy, such as going on long walks and biking, or playing a good game of basketball. Playing video games is one of his favorite activities.

Jacob is learning effective ways of communication that are socially acceptable and new coping skills to self-regulate at times of stress. He is getting assistance through school in certain academic areas in order to improve his grades and meet the required educational goals.

He is still young and hasn’t seriously considered what career path he would like to take, but being in the field of law enforcement is definitely on his mind. He also wants a forever family that will let him continue his relationship with his younger brothers.

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