Project Description

Jacob and Aaron – Ages 12 & 10

Jacob and Aaron will be in Florida.

Jacob is a 12-year-old boy that is extremely well behaved, respectful and complies with the rules. He loves to go to school and does very well academically; a fun fact is that his favorite subject is mathematics! He is proudly one of the few students in his class that excel in math. He has no difficulty getting along with anyone, can easily interact with anyone no matter the differences, and is open to connection. Jacob is happiest when he gets to share with his foster family, and they talk fondly about him. In his free time, Jacob enjoys playing soccer and is very passionate about the sport. After graduation, he dreams of becoming a police officer and building a family of his own. Jacob feels happy about the possibility of having a forever family that can support him in his life goals, love him and care for him deeply.

Aaron is a 10-year-old boy that loves to be with his brother as family is precious to him. He is a sporty boy that is passionate about soccer but also has an artistic side; he loves to draw, color, do arts and crafts, sing and paint. He has painted magnificent art pieces! Aaron is also very fond of any kind of board game you can think about. He is an empathetic child that is always finding ways to help others in need, and that is why he wants to become a police officer after graduation, making sure justice is always served. Aaron wants a dad that can play soccer with him and a mom that can sing to him until he falls asleep. Another wish he has is to have a brother or a sister that can play with him and his brother Jacob.

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