Project Description

Jarkies and Marquel – Ages 11 & 9

Jarkies and Marquel are looking for a Host and Adoptive Family.

Jarkies is a happy and outgoing 11-year-old boy who is very active and is almost always busy doing something. He’s academically ambitious, and his favorite school subject is Math. His kind nature endears him to others. Helping people brings him joy! Jarkies loves art and can also spend a good stretch of time just drawing whatever he envisions in his mind. He also enjoys building things with LEGOs. He shared that he would like to become a doctor when he grows up because he can help people stay alive and healthy and live a long life.

Marquel is very playful and energetic. He loves to have fun. Marquel enjoys spending time with his friends. He enjoys going swimming, riding his bike, and playing video games. He also likes to do coloring, drawing, and building things out of LEGOs. Like his brother, he likes to keep his room tidy. He enjoys going to school, although he needs extra help staying on task at times.

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