Project Description

Jason – Age 12

Jason has found a Host.

Jason is an outgoing and sweet 12-year-old boy. Jason is in the 6th grade and has very good grades. He openly talks about life’s challenges and prides himself on his ability to grow and learn from past mistakes. Jason is affectionate and positive. His creative side shines bright through his drawing and storytelling. He desires respect from others and gives the same in return.

He describes himself as a dreamer, resilient and respectful. When you first meet Jason, he may be shy and quiet, but once he gains his confidence, he is able to show his fun personality. If Jason had a magic carpet, he would like to go to France and learn different languages. Jason writes in his “dream book,” and he imagines himself as an architect and an artist. He also loves sports and playing with his friends.

Jason dreams of a mom and a dad. He would also like siblings! Are you his forever family?

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