Project Description

Jayden – Age 9

Meet Jayden, a dynamic 9-year-old boy with a lifetime of energy. Jayden is very active and has a curious mind. Jayden would present as a bit shy in a new environment, but will become the life of a party once he gets comfortable.

He thrives on positive reinforcements and has enormous compassion for being helpful to others. He is especially enthusiastic in helping with meal preparations. When playing with peers, Jayden needs close supervision and coaching to learn to respect other children’s boundaries.

Jayden likes going to school and his favorite subject is Reading, but not so much about Math. Jayden receives counseling services to work on boundary issues and coping skills.

Jayden will benefit from being the only child in a family that would provide stability and structure, yet unconditional love and support that will allow him to be a child.

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