Project Description

Ja’Zier – Age 10

Ja’Zier is looking for either a Host Family or an Adoptive Family.

Meet wonderful Ja’Zier. He is friendly and outgoing. He likes to keep himself busy and enjoys participating in extra-curricular activities such as, playing basketball and football, and swimming. He loves the outdoors, especially going to the park and camping.

When he’s done playing sports for the day, there is nothing that brings him more happiness than sitting down to a meal; a plate full of pasta which is his favorite go-to food. He also likes eating tacos and burritos, but he is really a pasta-anytime kind of guy.

Ja’Zier is generally doing well in school and is reported to be a very smart child. He receives services to learn to overcome his challenging behaviors so that he can focus more on his academics. He is making progress in respecting personal boundaries and expressing his feelings in a positive way, as well as in social skills.

Ja’Zier is a happy child who is truly enjoying and embracing his childhood, and at this time has not really given much thought to what he’d like to be when he grows up.

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