Project Description

Jesus “Andy” – Age 17

Jesus “Andy” has a potential adoptive match.

Jesus who prefers “Andy”, is an outgoing and engaging teen with many dimensions to his interests and pursuits. What’s most notable about Andy is that he has a lot of initiatives, both for laying down a foundation for his career pursuits and for life. In fact, Andy is the one who has advocated for himself to start the recruitment activities.

Andy tells us he loves school and is doing very well academically. In addition to his academic acumen, Andy loves sports and is an active participant in wresting at his school. Andy’s favorite subject is Math and he hopes to pursue a career in Computer Engineering. Andy reflected that Math was a difficult subject for him until someone took the time to explain it to him. In a parallel process, that’s what Andy is looking for in life: support, guidance and explanation for the occurrences of life. Andy hopes for a family that will be there for him; when he wins an award or when he is sad, and that is active and will go hiking with him.

Andy was born in 2001 and is of Hispanic descent. Growing up in foster care is not without its challenges and those experiences are impactful in many ways. Along with the good and the challenges, Andy is hoping for a forever family to help him negotiate life’s challenges and to support him through life’s journey. As a teenager, Andy does have his typical teenage moments of needed reminders and prompts, but he’s eager to have that level of accountability with a forever family.

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