Project Description

Joel – Age 13

Joel is looking for a Host and Adoptive Family.

Joel is a 13-year-old boy who is a very energetic and loving child. He loves drawing and making custom designs. He also enjoys listening to music. He is interested in playing football, basketball, and running track this upcoming school year.

Joel is known to be super likable and charming. He is very shy and reserved when you first meet him, but when he gets comfortable, he will start to open up. He likes to watch and talk about sports. He likes to be funny and do funny pranks. Joel also really enjoys playing video games and doing things with his caregivers. Joel likes to create things and enjoys all things science. He has participated in classes about coding, and he enjoyed it.

Joel, like most kids, does not like school, but he can be successful in school with the guidance and support of his potential family. He is very active and likes to participate in activities with his friends and caregivers. Joel wants to be part of a family to share his uniqueness.

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