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Jonathan, Anthony and Isabella – Ages 12, 13 & 9

Jonathan, Anthony, and Isabella are only looking for a Host Family.

Meet this fantastic youngster with a bright smile. Jonathan is a 12-year-old boy who is gentle, sweet, and playful. Jonathan is a great artist; he loves to share exciting stories by drawing; the little world he creates is always lovely and peaceful. On sunny days, he also loves to spend time outside playing basketball and football with his friends. This cute boy will be a great little helper! He always takes good care of children younger than him, gives them big hugs, helps with chores, and listens to others whenever they feel upset.

The other boy with beautiful eyes is Anthony. He is a 13-year-old boy with loads of energy who thrives in the outdoors! Because he’s a little nervous and curious about this lovely society, Anthony has some trust issues; he tends to be somewhat fearful of changes in his daily life. It takes him some time to trust new people around him. But once he gets to know you more, he will be sure to hold your hand, and you will be his best friend forever! Anthony will do well in a home where he can participate in organized sports. Anthony needs encouragement to try new things and ongoing guidance, support, and assistance with homework. Don’t forget to give him a thumbs-up when he achieves his goal. Anthony has a lot of love to offer. Again, he can present as very shy at first, but he is excited to be your friend and play sports with you.

Isabella is an adorable 9-year-old with a sweet smile. She has a beautiful imagination and can always tell you amazing stories about the objects around her. Isabella is also funny, social, and engaging. Like an actual princess, Isabella is so versatile that she plays sports well, is a good artist, and is a wonderful storyteller. This little “princess” would love to invite everyone into her “castle” to have a party with her dolls. She is doing well in school but requires homework assistance and responds well to redirection and positive reinforcement. She would be doing a fantastic job with a little hand from you.

If you can see this trio of Latinx siblings melding well into your family, let us know – we’re trying to help ensure their future as part of a forever family!

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