Project Description

Jordan – Age 13

Adoptive Family Found

Jordan is a very mature and receptive 13-year-old. He enjoys studying and learning new things. Jordan is very responsible; he likes doing his homework on time and completing all his school activities.

Jordan is outgoing, smart, and attentive. He is also respectful and self-confident. He loves his pets and playing with animals.  Jordan dreams of traveling to the beach and going to a circus.

Jordan is very active, likes to play soccer, and ride his bike. Whenever he finds a ball, he feels the urge to grab it and start playing. Jordan likes swimming and would really love to go to the sea. He enjoys watching a movie occasionally and trying new things. Jordan’s favorite food is lasagna.

Jordan dreams of having a family who will love him and accept him just the way he is. He would like to have a father who would play soccer with him, and a brother he can spend time with.