Project Description

Joshua – Age 11

Joshua has a potential adoptive match.

The biggest LA Dodgers fan you will ever meet with the sweetest personality, meet Joshua, age 11. From playing baseball, collecting cards, and learning any facts and trivia he can, it is easy to see Joshua’s love and perseverance reflected through his passion for the team. Aside from being a sports fan and loving physical education class, he is also a whiz with numbers – math is one of his favorite subjects! He strives to see the best sides of the world, including the best sides of himself. While he has endured a painful amount of loss that have at times made him feel sad and frustrated, he tenderly assures “I have some problems, but I’m a good kid”. Joshua is a sweet boy and truly wears his heart upon his sleeve. He does not hold back when it comes to showing and giving affection to those he cares about.

When asked about his dreams, Joshua will say that he has two clear wishes for his life: for the LA Dodgers to win the World Series, and for him to be adopted into a loving family.

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