Project Description

Joshua – Age 12

Joshua is a spontaneous and intelligent 12-year-old boy. He has a big heart, a curious nature, and loves to ask questions about the world around him. One of his dreams is to become the president of a country one day, as he wants to end all corruption in the world. With a mind like his, it’s not a surprise that Joshua is an excellent student! He’s particularly fond of math class and enjoys working with numbers.

Math isn’t Joshua’s only passion… he’s also an artist! He enjoys painting, dancing, and various arts and crafts. You should see his skills! Joshua’s always happy to contribute some beautiful art to his environment. Writing also comes naturally to Joshua. He can easily spend an entire afternoon writing stories.

His host family describes him as friendly and adventurous, “Joshua is eager to meet new people and enjoys visiting new places.” He loves to explore and learn about new people. “He’s a good kid with a good heart and is always happy to learn something new.”

Joshua would like to be part of a family with younger siblings. Are you his forever family?