Project Description

Julia and Amy – Ages 15 & 16

Julia is a 15-year-old girl that loves science, going to the park, and hanging out with her friends from school. She is very tall and dreams of becoming a model in the future! In her free time, she enjoys listening to American songs, dancing salsa, and spending time with her sister Amy. Together, they enjoy playing games and listening to music. Julia says her sister Amy is a great soccer player, Zumba dancer, and most importantly, her best friend. Julia’s favorite food is ice cream.

Amy is a 16-year-old girl who loves making new friends, dancing, and taking math classes. When she is with her sister Julia, she enjoys exercising, listening to music, playing soccer, and much more! She enjoys reading history books, drawing, and watching anime in her free time. In the future, Amy dreams of studying criminal law.

These amazing sisters dream of finding a forever family with two moms that are loving, respectful, affectionate, and supportive. Are you their forever family?