Project Description

Justin – Age 12

Forever Family Found

Justin is a creative and thoughtful 12-year-old boy who likes to play board games and cards with friends. He loves food! His favorite dish is bandeja paisa, a traditional Colombian dish. The dish has rice, beans, chicharron, egg, ripe banana, ground beef, and avocado!

He enjoys watching comedy and action movies alongside playing games. He loves to play with cats and other animals. He loves to ask questions about new places he visits and cities that he does not know. He enjoys learning more about different cultures and new people. He also loves to tell people his favorite things about Colombia!

His favorite colors are red, blue, and yellow! He loves to talk and wants to know what exciting things he will experience while being in the area, as he holds open communication very close to his heart. One way he does this is by telling jokes in Spanish!

Justin loves soccer and dreams of traveling to Brazil, specifically to visit their soccer stadiums. Soccer is his favorite sport and one of his many passions. Until then, he’s happy to play soccer with his friends – and potentially with his dream family!