Project Description

Kaleb – Age 12

Kaleb is a 12-year-old boy that loves playing soccer with his friends! He stands out as being kind, respectful, and attentive to others. He is in seventh grade and is an excellent student, with great concentration skills and perseverance to try his best.

Kaleb is positive when making and keeping friendships, as he makes sure to expose his thoughts and feelings. Besides soccer, he also enjoys riding his bike, playing board games, and watching TV. His favorite color is black, and he likes to wear sneakers with jeans for his style. One curiosity about Kaleb is that he has the talent of copying a drawing perfectly! In the future, he hopes to become a soccer player or architect.

Kaleb is very excited about the possibility of traveling in the summer to learn a new language and to have mentors that could share spaces and bonds with him!

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