Project Description

Ka’Naeah and Ka’Risma – Ages 14 and 15

Ka’Naeah and Ka’Risma are in a potential adoptive match.

Ka’Naeah, age 14, is a creative and fun girl who enjoys photography, drawing and designing clothes and singing. Ka’Naeah has good grades and is on a committee with her school’s principal to discuss problems at school and how to improve them. In addition to her creative and academic interests, Ka’Naeah is an avid LA Rams fan and loves sports, being outside where she can exercise, ride her bike, and skateboard. But what Ka’naeah enjoys the most is being with her older sister Ka’Risma with whom she has a very close relationship, and according to her, the two complement each other.

Ka’Risma, age 15, unlike her sister, is an avid Vikings fan – which makes for a fun and friendly rivalry. She is into sports and particularly enjoys playing soccer and football. Like her sister, Ka’Risma is very creative and enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, and writing songs. However, what she likes the most is to dance and model, which she would like to get to do professionally one day. Ka’Risma dreams of going to college and having her own business. She describes herself as driven, independent, and knowing what she likes. Ka’Risma is family orientated and very protective of her younger sister Ka’naeah. She wants a family that has traditions like family gatherings, dinners, and group family activities.

Could you be that family for these two wonderful sisters?

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