Project Description

Kate – Age 10

Host Found

Kate is a very lovable 10-year-old girl who is positive and energetic.  She is a sweet and caring girl who is easy to spend time with and has an infectious smile.

Kate enjoys school. Her favorite subject is math. She is very collaborative and offers her assistance whenever it’s needed. She is autonomous in her daily routine and likes to do things on her own, but she sometimes does ask for help with her school assignments.

Kate has friends who like playing basketball and dancing with her. She is animated, fun, and very polite. Kate’s favorite color is pink and her favorite activities are Zumba and drawing. She likes to play with dolls.

Her favorite food is pumpkin soup. She dreams of traveling to California and to Colorado to see the snow. Kate wants to grow up to be a doctor and save lives.

Kate dreams of having a forever family who can love her, pamper her, and help her grow into the amazing person she is meant to be.