Project Description

Kate – Age 11

Kate is in Texas.

Kate is a very lovable 11-year-old girl with a positive and energetic personality. She is sweet, caring, easy to spend time with, and has an infectious smile.

Kate’s a great dancer and loves to join her friends in a game of Zumba! Her imaginative side comes alive when she gets a chance to draw – especially when using her favorite color, pink – and while playing with dolls.

Kate is playful, funny, and can play well with children of any age. She’s also a motivated student whose favorite subject is math! Overall, Kate is a happy child with a pleasant temperament. Showing affection to others comes naturally to her, and she always attempts to approach a situation with empathy and patience.

Kate dreams of having a forever family who can love her, pamper her, and help her grow into the amazing person she is meant to be.