Project Description

Kelly – Age 11

Kelly is a charismatic and collaborative 11-year-old girl. Her easygoing nature makes her a joy to be around, and she’s always happy to work with others. She excels in mathematics and is particularly good at puzzles and problem-solving. Playful and creative, Kelly loves to sing and dance like nobody’s watching! She’s remarkably secure and calm when interacting with adults and peers and loves being affectionate with those close to her and share experiences with them.

Kelly’s a bold girl who loves to experience life! Have you ever played soccer in the rain? If you were around Kelly during a downpour, she’d love to invite you to play. Kelly loves soccer, rain or shine, so don’t worry if soccer in the rain isn’t for you! She also enjoys all sorts of artistic activities such as drawing, painting, dancing, and singing. She also has a bit of a green thumb and loves planting and weeding in the garden. Ask her about her favorite plants!

Kelly’s host family describes her as “a great girl with amazing arts and crafts skills.” Over the summer, they took her to a soccer game and spent time engaging her in her favorite sport. “She enjoys being with people and playing soccer. We took her to a professional soccer game and she was engaged the whole time!”

Are you the right family for Kelly?