Project Description

Megan, Kim & Steven  – Ages 8, 12 & 10

Megan, Kim, and Steven have a Host.

Megan, age 8, is friendly and daring. She’s active and loves to go swimming and play hide and seek. It’s near impossible to find her once she’s found her perfect hiding place! She’s also creative and loves dancing, singing, and drawing.

Kim, age 12, is an independent and creative girl who loves to cook! She enjoys various forms of art, including dancing, singing, and getting dressed up. Leadership comes naturally to her; she’s always looking to help others and dedicates herself to schoolwork.

Steven, age 10, is an extroverted boy who loves being outdoors! Whether swimming with his siblings or playing games outside, he’s always happy to play games outside. Steven shares Kim’s dream of helping others, and his goal is to become a police officer or an FBI agent one day.

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