Project Description

Kinley, Julia, and Sophia – Age 14, 10 & 7

Kinley is 14 years old and is in 7th grade. She is smart, social, and likes playing with her many friends. She is kind, emotionally expressive, and she understands people’s needs. In addition, she is respectful, loving, and caring. Kinley is a city girl and not a country girl. She enjoys warm weather, swimming, and playing in the pool. Her favorite food is pasta, and she is not a fan of vegetables. Kinley wants to become a social worker when she grows up because she admires their work for children.

Julia is 10 years old, and her favorite color is purple. She likes to play with dolls and friends. Julia enjoys her school, is organized and loves Rapunzel and stuffed animals. Her favorite food is rice, meat and avocado, vegetables, and Oreo ice cream. Julia is a shy and very sweet girl.

Sophia is 7 years old. She likes to play with other children and is very social. She is a true artist; Sophia loves coloring, drawing, music, and singing. She is always happy and full of joy with a big smile on her face. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. Her favorite characters are Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Extroverted and sweet, Sophia enjoys life to the fullest.

The girls’ dream of having a forever family of a mom and a dad. They want a family of their own that will help them grow and succeed.