Project Description

Lazaro – Age 15

Lazaro, age 15, is a big sports fan. He loves the LA Rams and Aaron Donald is his all-time favorite player. He plays football as a tight-end and can’t wait to join his high school team in the fall. He loves all video games and enjoys competition. He attends public high sschool and is in the 10th grade.  He likes all food, and is not picky at all! He’ll eat anything “edible,” he says. His favorite restaurant is Benihana and he can’t wait to go again. He also enjoys cooking. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would travel to Dubai, saying he wants to see the tallest building in the world!  He is very laid back, loves listening to rap music and scrolling on instagram.

He hopes to go to college when he finishes high school and is still figuring out what career he’d like to pursue. He hopes to find an adoptive family soon. He wants a truly “cool” family that will give him the room he needs to mature and grow. Could you be that family for Lazaro?

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