Project Description

Leah and Melanie – Ages 10 & 15

Leah and Melanie have found a Host

Leah is a cheerful 10-year-old girl. Her sweet personality shines with people of all ages. She is motivated in school, and due to her obedience to responsibility, she is raising her grades. Leah can initially seem a bit shy, but she is very extroverted once she gets to know someone. She is an artistic child who loves to paint and draw. Leah also is a girly girl who loves to wear dresses and accessories. She is very careful with her appearance and her clothing.
One of Laura’s qualities is that she is extremely grateful. She sees the positive side of every day. Laura appreciates nature. She likes going for walks, going to the river, and riding bicycles.

Melanie is an active 15-year-old girl. She loves playing soccer and dancing; she is recognized for her skills on the dance floor! Just like her sister, Melanie enjoys the outdoors. They especially like going to the park together. Melanie is also very artistic. She creates masterpieces by drawing and painting. Melanie likes to play board games and card games in her free time. Melanie is known for being caring and loving with people of all ages.

Leah and Melanie are looking for a forever family of a mom and a dad or a single mom with or without siblings. Are you their forever family?

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