Project Description

Leah and Melanie – Ages 10 & 15

Forever Family Found

Leah is a cheerful 10-year-old girl with a shining personality. She is a girl noted to have a “fun spirit” and a lot of energy. Leah initially seems shy and serious, but she is very extroverted once she gets to know someone. She is an artistic child who loves to paint and draw. Leah also loves to play games and is super competitive! One of Leah’s qualities is that she is extremely grateful. She sees the positive side of every day, appreciates nature, and likes going for walks, to the river, and riding bicycles.

Melanie is a kind 15-year-old girl. She loves listening to Spanish pop music and dancing! She loves it when people tell her about their stories and life experiences so that she can learn from them. Melanie may be quiet, but she has a fantastic sense of humor! She has always been someone who tries to see the “big picture” in life and makes sure her sister is also a part of her dreams. Melanie also loves to cook and bake, and she can’t wait to cook side by side with those she loves. Melanie is known for being caring and loving with people of all ages. She has enjoyed coloring her hair with chalk colors and spending time picking out clothes and putting on make-up; she also loves reading!

Leah and Melanie are very sensitive to others’ feelings. They are aware of their surroundings and very giving…whether bringing everyone a popsicle, making sure everyone has food, helping a toddler that is struggling, etc. These sisters are full of life and can’t wait to experience so many adventures with the family of their dreams!