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Leo and Sebastian – Ages 9 & 5

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Leo is a smart 9-year-old boy from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. He is very active and loves to dance, swim, play outdoors and ride bicycles. His foster mother she says that he is very collaborative and loves to be organized. Leo recently learned to swim and loves to go to the pool and beach. He is known for his big smile, positive attitude and his dancing skills. Leo has good grades and enjoys learning new things and attending school. He has a close relationship with his brother Sebastian.

Sebastian is a sweet 5-year-old boy who loves hugs and being surrounded by others. He behaves well and like his brother, always has a big smile on his face. Sebastian loves outdoor activities, dancing and singing. He also enjoys riding bicycles and going to the beach. Sebastian is currently in preschool and has adapted well. He is a very intelligent boy who spreads joy wherever he goes.