Project Description

Lilly – Age 11 – Family Found

Lilly, is a sweet and warm 11-year-old girl. She is incredibly thoughtful, respectful and positive.

Lilly loves to learn new things and her smile is contagious. She has a sparkling sense of humor and is trusting. Lilly is very intuitive and enjoys being with other people. She loves playing board games, tic-tac-toe, and Uno. She enjoys helping the family around the kitchen and getting the table ready for dinner. Lilly is affectionate and full of grace.

Lilly traveled last summer and stayed in Southern California. Her host family said, “It was endlessly rewarding to see the joy on Lilly’s face as she discovered she can do more and watch her open up and engage. She is so bright and joyful! She loves others and wants to connect. She is incredibly open, helpful, sweet and warm, and gives beautiful hugs!