Project Description

Lily and Myles – Ages 9 & 11

Lily and Miles have a Winter Host.

Lily is a 9-year-old girl currently in second grade! She is very talkative, easygoing, and friendly. “I love dancing and playing in the park. My favorite food is beans. I don’t like liver; when they give us liver, I give it away to my friends. In school, I love math. I love dogs. They are my favorite animals. I love purple. What I like the most about my brother Myles is that he is very respectful with girls; he behaves well.”

Myles is an 11-year-old boy currently in fifth grade! He is an excellent student and is in the top two in his classroom; he is very competitive with his academic work. Myles is shy, calm, and quiet; he looks out for his sister Lily. “I am a very smart kid; my favorite subject in school is English, and it is the one that I get better grades. I love playing soccer and watching movies. My favorite movies are action movies. My favorite food is rice with eggs. I eat the liver when my sister does not. I like board games, chess, UNO, and Parqués. I like pets.”

Lily and Myles love each other; they have a fantastic relationship! They are independent and follow the daily routines without any issues. Lily and Myles dream of finding a forever family with a mom and a dad, with no kids or older kids. They would also love to have pets! Are you their forever family?