Project Description

Lizzy – Age 14

Lizzy is a resilient and respectful 14-year-old girl! She is empowered with her life project and what she wants for her future. Lizzy has positive leadership skills and is very talented at dancing. “I love dancing! I dance to all kinds of music (also artistic dance). Through dancing, I can express many things. I also love all sports and I am very friendly. I love spending time with adults because they teach me what they know. I also like it when people guide me.”

Lizzy is currently in 8th grade and is very motivated to learn; she knows it will help her achieve her life goals; she is specifically curious about history. Lizzy always listens to music; it gives her energy and happiness. She describes herself as happy, enthusiastic, and fun.

“I dream of having a forever family with a mom and a dad, with or without kids, that I can love and call my own. I want an affectionate family that will express love to me. I also want to represent Colombian music in another country.” Are you her forever family?