Project Description

Loriana – Age 13

Loriana is in a potential adoptive match.

Loriana is a lovely young lady who is 13-years-old. When asked to describe herself she immediately responded with “strong” and when asked for a little more information she said that she is “emotionally strong”.

Loriana says that she doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up but seems to be leaning towards a “helping” profession, such as a foster parent or a nurse. She has plenty of time to figure it out and in the meantime will be doing things she enjoys, such as swimming, hiking, and playing sports.

Loriana is multi-faceted and can not only be found on the sports field, but also trying different hairstyles or nail polish. Furthermore, one of her favorite things is singing “any kinds of songs”.

Loriana has been described by others as “very helpful and friendly”. She does well behaviorally in school but would benefit from some tutoring since her transition into middle-school.

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