Project Description

Madison and Jonathan – Ages 9 and 16

Jonathan, age 16, and Madison, age 9, are fun-loving and easy-going siblings. Their bond is strong, and they appreciate that they are placed together. Jonathan has assumed the protector over his little sister and Madison gladly follows his lead.

Jonathan is well mannered and has a good sense of humor. He enjoys playing video games, reading and playing board games with Madison. He admits that he can be somewhat shy around new people, but warms up once he gets comfortable. Jonathan is in high school and debating about his career plan upon graduation. He’s considering community college or enlisting in the Marines.

Madison describes herself as girly-girl. She likes wearing cute dresses, playing with dolls and helping prepare dinner. She also enjoys playing outside, being active and want to learn to swim. She and her brother love riding bikes and she desires to have a bike of her own one day. When in doors, she enjoys watching the Disney channel and occasionally a scary movie. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up; Madison said a mother and a homemaker.

Jonathan was born in 2004 and Madison in 2010. They are of Latin descent. This sibling set is looking for a forever family that will love them unconditionally and provide them with a sense of security.

Jonathan is looking for a host family. He is not open to adoption at this time, but would like to be placed with his sister and would consider legal guardianship. Madison is looking for a host family or an adoptive family.

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