Project Description

Maia – Age 13

Maia has a Winter Host.

Maia is a resilient 13-year-old girl! She is very sociable and loves talking to people she meets. Maia enjoys sports and is an excellent student in 6th grade. Maia’s development has always been positive, with excellent social and leadership skills. She is also very curious, asking questions about diverse topics she wants to learn. One of Maia’s goals is to learn from and build long-lasting relationships with the people around her.

Maia enjoys all types of foods, except for pineapple and liver. Her favorites are pizza, hamburgers, and beans. In school, her favorite subjects are English and Physical Education. One fun fact about her is that she has participated in swimming competitions! She listens to music, plays soccer, swims, and spends time with her friends during her free time.

Maia is excited about the opportunity to visit a new country and spend time with a family. She dreams of finding a forever family with a mom, dad, or single mom that can support and love her. Maia also hopes to have older siblings so they can guide her. She is also great with pets! Are you her forever family?