Project Description

Marc, Daniel & George – Ages 14, 12 & 9

Marc is a friendly, expressive, and intelligent boy. He is currently in 6th grade, and his favorite subject is math. He wants to become a graphic designer or system engineer. Marc loves soccer, music and reading comics. He makes a great impact on people everywhere he goes. Marc describes himself as happy and loving.

Daniel is an intelligent boy who is performing at the top of his class. He loves school, soccer, and coloring. He is curious, a perfectionist and very responsible. Daniel describes himself as kind, respectful, and a leader. He is open to having more siblings.

George is in 3rd grade and he wants to become a publicist. He loves soccer, playing with his siblings, and watching TV. George is respectful, loving and adores getting hugs.

These wonderful boys dream of having a family in the United States with a dog!