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Marc, Daniel & George – Ages 15, 13 & 10

Adoptive Family Found

Meet Marc, Daniel, and George, a terrific trio of brothers from Colombia. The brothers share a tight bond and love of soccer, creativity, and each other.

Marc, 15, is smart and outgoing, leaving a positive impact everywhere he goes. He loves math and wants to become a graphic designer or system engineer when he grows up. This 6th grader loves soccer, music, and comics. He describes himself as happy and loving.

Daniel, 13, is a natural leader, performing at the top of his class and curious about the world around him. He loves school, playing soccer, and coloring.

George, 10 and the youngest of the three, loves playing with his siblings, kicking the soccer ball around, and is very sweet and loving. He shows his sweet side by generously giving out hugs! This 3rd grader wants to become a publicist when he grows up.

These brothers dream of living with a loving, supportive family – and hey, if you have a dog, that doesn’t hurt either!

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