Project Description

Markus – Age 17

Markus has a Host Family.

Markus, who is 17-years-old, is a warm and engaging teen in foster care who holds a lot of passion for various interests and is enthusiastic about experiencing new things. In addition to his educational pursuits, he is athletic and loves sports.

Markus has a technical and mechanical mind. He loves building things and hopes to explore a career in the military. He’s interested in science and rocketry and hopes to pursue a career there. Whatever career Markus ultimately decides on, he hopes to be able to donate and contribute to helping other kids in foster care. For now, he is in his school’s ROTC to help pave this path.

Markus desires to be part of a permanent family. He’s open to all types of cultural backgrounds and family constellations with the only stipulation that they are active, sweet, caring, and understanding.

Markus is looking for a host family or an adoptive family.

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