Project Description

Michael – Age 10

Want color, fashion, and creativity in your life. Then Michael is the child for you. Michael who was born in 2009 is a creative and artistic child. He loves to draw and to express himself with his art supplies. The more colors the better. Michael hopes to have a career in fashion or in the beauty industry when he is older.

Michael responds well to structure and consistency. He is a great negotiator when he wants something. Michael is in therapy to help him with his behaviors and he has a wraparound team who helps provide extra support. He is on medication to help him with his ADHD, Post Traumatic Disorder and his unspecified Schizophrenia.

Michael wants a family who he can talk with and who will love an accept him for who he is. Michael would like to find a family who will continue his contact with his siblings. He hopes to find a family who he can call his own.

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