Project Description

Michele – Age 17

Michele, age 17, currently has a Weekend Miracles host, but is still looking for an adoptive family.

Michele is kind, caring and personable with a genuine spirit to help others.  Michele is described as initially quiet and reserved when meeting new people, but once she gets to know you she really opens up. She is sociable and enjoys attending and participating in events. She attends public high school; her favorite subject is English. 

Her host Patti says she is a great cook. She’s adventurous, ikes to try new foods and particularly loves making spicy food. Patti says she participates in every activity she can and recently participated in a ballet workshop. Michele also volunteers with Patti at the Greyhound Dog Wash.

Michele can become emotional when things do not go her way, but with a supportive and nurturing environment, she is learning to manage her feelings more appropriately. She is also learning to use appropriate language when expressing herself. Like most kids her age, Michele loves her electronic devices. She has an artistic side and loves experimenting with makeup.

Michele currently lives in a group home and would like to find a permanent home before her 18th birthday in December.


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