Project Description

Mike – Age 12

Forever Family Found

Mike is an expressive 12-year-old boy. He is a ray of sunshine and a very respectful friend. Mike’s favorite color is yellow, and he loves animals! He is happiest when he is with his peers and friends. Mike is a beautiful, caring child who enjoys receiving and giving hugs; he has a huge heart. Mike is truly a joy to be around – he is thoughtful, curious, happy, and caring!

In the future, he wants to be an astrologist because he is fascinated by the planets, how beautiful the galaxy is, and loves the nebulas. Mike is a science scholar; he knows so much about the formation of the earth, the solar system, and dinosaurs. His teacher asked him to prepare a presentation about how the world was formed and present it to the class because he is an expert. He feels proud of never giving up in front of the obstacles he has faced in life. A perfect day for him would be waking up to music, eating breakfast in good company, and having fun. He loves reading and spending time at the library and can stay in the ocean for hours boogie boarding.

Mike is adventurous and will try new foods and experiences he feels comfortable with – he has recently started surfing and is loving it! Mike dreams of finding a fun, affectionate, and respectful family that can teach him many new things.