Project Description

Miley – Age 12

Miley is a social 12-year-old girl and is currently in 5th grade! She loves participating in sports activities such as playing basketball, dancing, and riding her bike. She is also anxiously waiting to begin painting class. Miley has fun listening to music while she draws and taking walks in the park in her free time. Something that makes her happy is celebrating her birthday and walking her pet.

Miley is a courageous girl who has overcome her fear of the dark and strangers! Her favorite foods are sandwiches, fish cream, chicken, and french fries with sausage (a typical Colombian dish). She prefers wearing dresses with bright colors, especially purple when picking outfits from her wardrobe. As you can see in this photo, she loves hairstyles, especially those with braids.

Miley feels happy with the possibility of adoption; she would love to have a single mom or mom and dad that will support her in her life goal of becoming an odontologist or a hairstyle artist.

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