Project Description

Mina – Age 14

Mina has found a Host.

Mina is a serene and calm 14-year-old girl that is happy with the simple things in life! She is introverted, but she also likes to connect deeply with the people that surround her, especially those who genuinely care for her. She tends to be protective and caring of her younger peers. Mina is an empathetic, respectful, and loving girl.

Once Mina sets her mind to something, she will not give up until she accomplishes her goal. When she is asked about her future, her eyes sparkle as she describes how she wants to have a career in languages and then pursue her acting journey. On her bucket list, she includes that she wants to be able to travel around the world and visit South Korea.

Mina has a variety of hobbies such as playing with cats and dogs, volleyball, listening to music, drawing, and performing beauty activities such as makeup and hair-styling.

Mina knows how to guide her behavior and make appropriate decisions, adequately resolving conflicts, reasoning before making decisions, and assuming responsibility for the consequences of her actions.

Her happiest moment was when she found out that she was approved for adoption! This meant she would have a second chance for a forever family that can respect her and love her as the amazing human being she is.

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