Project Description

Monica – Age 17

Funny, boisterous, energetic, and outgoing describe Monica’s personality … and are likely reasons why she’s the captain on her cheer squad! Monica loved getting the fans involved in the football/basketball games and representing her high school. When she wasn’t at cheer practice, Monica could often be found spending time with her friends.

She also enjoys watching movies on Netflix or going out to eat. Monica does well academically and pushes herself to keep her grades above average. Her goal is to go to college and possibly get a scholarship. Monica’s not sure what she wants to study yet and is exploring possible majors and career goals.

Monica shared that she would like a Mom and Dad but is also open to a single parent of Hispanic ethnicity so that she can remain tied to her heritage. If you’re looking to add some enthusiastic pep to your family squad, step right up! We are ready to answer the call and see if it’s “sis-boom-bah” for you and Monica!

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