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Natalie – Age 12

Natalie has found a Host.

Natalie is a 12-year-old girl and is currently in 6th grade. Her favorite subject in school is math, and her least favorite is English. She is very interested in learning new things and is very responsible with her academic tasks and obligations. Natalie is most happy when pursuing activities she enjoys during her free time, such as going out, training, and playing with the domestic animals around her. Her favorite foods are beans and two typical Colombian chicken stew dishes called Sancocho and Sudado. She doesn’t like broccoli!

A fun fact about Natalie is that she loves reading, especially children’s books, and last year, she won a competition by the institution she lives in for presenting creative capacity! Natalie has also been standing out in her ability for sports such as basketball and in her academics. She also expresses curiosity about becoming a skater, and her professional dream is to be a veterinarian or zoologist since she likes being around animals.

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