Project Description

Natasha and Andy – Ages 14 & 8

Natasha and Andy hope to be adopted together. They love each other dearly and constantly reiterate to one another that they will always be there for each other.

Natasha is currently in sixth grade. She is a responsible girl who is aware of the consequences of her actions and is always trying her best to make those she cares about proud. She loves her brother with all her heart and has made it her responsibility to make sure he is okay, doing well in school, and getting along well with his friends. Natasha is a loyal friend and believes that if she is a good friend to others, they will respond the same way. She is mature in the way she interacts with others and is respectful with figures of authority. Currently, her dream is to be adopted with her brother and for their family to love them and protect them.

Andy is currently enrolled in a special education school. One of his biggest areas of growth is conceptualizing the abstract, however he has shown great improvements in school. Andy is independent in most every day tasks although he likes to feel accompanied while doing them. He has a communication disability and a non-diagnosed delay in his learning process according to his age.

Andy is respectful, kind, and affectionate. He tries his best to make sure his sister is proud of him. Andy is extroverted and easily connects to people. He is playful and enjoys spending his free time, outside, with friends. He would love to have a family who will care for him and his sister for the rest of their lives.