Project Description

Noelle – Age 10

Noelle is a respectful, organized, and affectionate 10-year-old girl. She does very well at school, and her favorite subject is English. Noelle takes very good care of her school supplies and books. She also keeps her desk very organized and clean. Noelle finds it gratifying to do things well and she enjoys being recognized when she does. She likes to receive hugs and comforting words when she does things correctly.

Noelle is calm and always smiling. She has a very positive, bubbly attitude. Noelle has developed a resilient attitude towards life. She may be young, but she is very mature for her age. When she is faced with adversity, she uses the experience to get to know herself better and grow.

Noelle loves the outdoors. She likes to go to the park with her friends and interact with animals. She likes to play and cook in the kitchen, dance, sing and go to Zumba classes. Noelle dreams of living in a foreign country, preferably in a place where she can play in the snow, build a snowman, and be in a snowball fight. When she grows up, she would like to become a veterinarian.

Noelle is looking for a mom and a dad who will support and love her throughout her life. Are you her forever family?

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