Project Description

Nola – Age 9

Adoptive Family Found

Nola is a happy, spontaneous, curious and intelligent 9-year-old. She has a very positive and genuine personality which makes her very friendly and expresses herself well.

Nola loves school and her favorite subjects are Math and Art. She goes to an academy where she excels with a bright attitude.  She is a girly-girl and one day would like to become a professional makeup artist. She loves to color and has abilities for dancing and she enjoys being active and dynamic. Nola  also loves going to theater class.

Nola is not timid and not afraid of stating her opinions. Nola prefers cold weather and likes to play with snow and make snow men. She dreams of visiting Paris, France.

Nola desires a loving and caring family who will support and teach her new things. She would like to be a single child and she also would like to have a cat or a small dog.


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