Project Description

Olivia – Age 12

Olivia is in a potential adoptive match.

Meet 12-year-old Olivia! Her smile alone will melt your heart, and her personality lights up a room. She is friendly, silly, hilarious, and enjoys making others laugh. Like many other children her age, she loves going to the park and doing fun things outdoors. She also enjoys dancing and singing.

During downtimes, Olivia enjoys watching her favorite shows on TV, especially the “Anime Dragon Ball Super” show. She has recently discovered her passion for art and is very talented. She enjoys drawing her favorite Anime characters. She likes to eat, and she looks forward to the holidays because of the variety of foods for each occasion. Her other favorite foods include ice cream, macaroni, and cheese, pizza, burgers with French fries, shrimp, lobster, squid, and fried fish.

Olivia’s dream is to become a YouTuber. movie star or famous singer when she grows up.

She utilizes counseling services to learn to manage her emotions and is making great progress. She has developed interests in reading and writing in a journal as tools in reducing her anxiety.

Olivia hopes that her adoptive family will allow and support her to contact her siblings in the future. Could you be that family for Olivia?