Project Description

Owen – Age 13

Owen is a bubbly and charismatic 13-year-old. He loves getting to know new people and is friendly with everyone he meets. He’s also an animal lover, and some of his favorite “people” to meet are dogs! Look through the images to the left to see an adorable photo of him with a Golden Retriever. Owen would love to go on road trips with his forever family and their dog!

His passion for sightseeing means Owen loves to go on long car rides and explore the world. When he’s at home, he enjoys watching TV, playing video games, and one specific card game… Uno! Playing Uno with others is one of his favorite pastimes, and he’s pretty good at it. One of his other favorite hobbies involves being in the kitchen!

Owen is also a talented and creative cook for his age; he loves experimenting with recipes and making various meals. Owen shines when he’s cooking, whether he’s chopping vegetables, making a pizza, baking a chocolate cake, or creating his favorite meal – chorizo and rice!

His host parents say every day with Owen was a blast. “He has a bubbly personality, is funny, and easy to get along with.” They believe that Owen has strong morals as well as a showstopping personality! “Owen is a leader and loves to be the center of attention.”

Owen dreams of being part of a forever family.