Project Description

Raelene – Age 1

Raelene has a potential adoptive match.

Raelene, 13-year-old, is a friendly, outgoing and active girl who loves watching and playing sports. She likes to stay busy with different kinds of activities.

A true blue Dodger fan she is, and she was a little disappointed her favorite team did not make it into playoffs this year. Raelene plays softball, loves to run and is interested in participating in cheerleading. Raelene has her eyes are focused on attending UCLA someday and she hopes to be not just any social worker, but specifically a Children’s Social Worker with DCFS!! She feels that she has had some very strong modeling from her social work team. She wants to help children recover from trauma and be able to navigate the system well.

Raelene is looking for role-model(s) in the ultimate form; a forever family with dedicated, loving, supportive and committed parents. Raelene is very easy to talk to, very open-minded and caring. She is optimistic that the right forever family is out there for her; the one that she is looking forward to building those connections with.

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