Project Description

Richard – Age 13

Richard is a friendly, caring, and easy-going 13-year-old. He’s an active kid who loves to play outdoors! He especially enjoys riding his bicycle around town with his friends. If you’re a fan of the Lakers, Richard would love to watch a game with you – basketball is his favorite sport! He’s currently in the 7th grade and hopes to join a basketball team one day.

Bicycling and basketball aren’t Richard’s only outdoor interests; he also loves being near the ocean! A day at the beach, making sandcastles, playing in the waves, would be perfect for him. There’s also an artsy side to Richard. You should see his sketches! Richard loves to draw, doodle, and sketch to unleash his creative side.

When Richard has some downtime, he likes to eat his favorite food (quesadillas), watch YouTube, care for animals, and hang out with his younger foster brother. Richard has some contact with siblings and his birth parents, and maintaining those relationships is essential to him.

Richard is looking for a Host family only.

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