Project Description

Sadie and Destiny – Ages 8 & 13

Sadie and Destiny are in Southern California.

Sadie is a lovely 8-year-old girl. She loves to draw and paint, and her favorite characters are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She is in 3rd grade and she likes to go to school to learn new things. Sadie especially likes numbers. She loves to play with dolls and make new friends. She is an extroverted and active girl.

Destiny is 13 years old and currently in the 8th grade. She loves sports and art. She especially likes to jump rope and play basketball. In her free time, Destiny enjoys playing board games. She dreams of becoming a pediatrician and has wanted to be a doctor since she was young. Destiny is cool, calm, and collected.

Sadie and Destiny dream of a forever family together. They also open to more siblings.