Project Description

Sadie and Destiny – Ages 8 & 13

Sadie is a lovely 8-year-old girl who charms everyone she meets with her charismatic personality. She’s bold, friendly, and loves to meet new people. Her smile is infectious, and she can make anyone laugh! The arts are her passion, and she loves all things creative. Whether she’s painting, singing, or cooking, Sadie is happiest when bringing some form of art to life. Her host family had a wonderful time getting to know her over the summer, “My favorite experiences with Sadie are to see how creative she is. She has so much to say and is so expressive,” says her host.

Destiny is 13 years old, loves sports and art, and is cool, calm, and collected. Staying active makes her happy, and she especially likes to jump rope, play basketball, and go horseback riding! Destiny likes to draw in coloring books when she’s not outdoors, hang out with friends, and talk about what she’s learning in school. Academically driven, Destiny takes her studies very seriously. Education is Destiny’s passion, and she dreams of becoming a pediatrician! Her host family describes her as “a gem” who values forming connections with others! “She loves to connect with people and build relationships. She is genuine and values being a part of a group –friends, family, and community.”

Sadie and Destiny dream of a forever family together. They are also open to more siblings.